Jimm Wright Designs

Frequently Asked Bridal Questions

How soon before the wedding should I make an appointment with you to discuss flowers?

You should set up an appointment as soon as you have purchased your dress and your bridesmaids’ dresses. At that time we can start to plan your wedding flowers. The sooner you make the appointment the better, as dates fill up quickly and you want the assurance of knowing that your date is reserved.

How soon do I need to make a deposit on the wedding flowers?

Once you have decided to use Jimm Wright Designs, you will be asked for a deposit that secures your date. Your deposit is applied to the unpaid balance, which is due in full three weeks prior to the event.

Scarritt Bennett Center, Nashville, Tn

Are flowers that are in season less expensive to use than flowers that are not?

Many flowers can be obtained anytime of the year, due to the great international flower markets. Some seasonal flowers are a bit less expensive especially if we can use locally grown product. Most other flowers are shipped from California, South America or Holland.

Can the flowers that I will be using at the ceremony site be used at the reception site?

Most ceremony flowers are designed to best complement the church or venue that you might be using. Frequently we find the flowers that were designed specifically for the church may not work at the reception. In addition, the transporting of arrangements, when under a time constraint could be susceptible to damage. Because flowers are fragile we recommend not moving them from venue to venue. If you prefer to move them yourself that is your prerogative. If we transport them there is an additional charge.

Can I make changes to the order if I want to add or eliminate an item?

Eliminations can be made up to three weeks prior to the wedding. If deductions are made after that time the cost of the items deducted will not be subtracted from your account. Additions can be made anytime and of course will be added to your balance.